Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Sunday, 14 July 2013

Ray Ashton's fab photoshoot!

This is such a nice pic of moi!! I look so fab! I took this pic for Taylor Ashton's next top model competion I can't believe I got to the second round! These are some of the fab pics! Btw the theme is nature!
Ray Ashton xxx

I got Treasure

I can't believe I got treasure for only £18.80 she is soo rare and I only ever dreamed of getting her I got her in the 10th if July 2013!

Friday, 15 March 2013

London Eye experience with the beanies

Duchess or Cancun:
It was really exciting!!!we got to see like the hole of London! We went on the train and and and..... It was spectacular!!!!
Nacho: Great experience but as I'm a dog afraid of heights it didn't really fit for me. :(
Still it was fun seeing duchess enjoy it :/

Thank you for your support!


Hey people, need help!!!

Hey beanie fans I was wandering what series I should make or what series I should continue please comment on one of my vids and tell me please!!!!!
The idea I pick for that YouTube channel I will mention in one of my vids!

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Hey beanie fans ChannelforkidsUK Here!

Hey beanie fans I thought I would make a blog of what beanie events have been happening!
Hope you like my blog!
My opening blog I'm totally going to talk about the justice exclusive, Darling!
I think Darling is so cute,cool, and sparkly, really sparkly!!!!
Even though I agree that darling might be a bit over priced. On he is £20 or $30 which I think is a little bit over what I want to pay. I don't have darling yet but I have 3 other justice beanie boos purple Glamour, Wishful, and Duchess. I really want to get wild though.